Male Masturbators

Male Masturbators are ideal for those who enjoy masturbating but want to enhance their play time by using something other than their hand. 

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If you’ve never tried a male masturbator, you might be thinking; “What’s the big deal? Just use your hand!


  • variety
  • diversity
  • convenience
  • durability, stamina
  • medical reasons/accessibility 
  • less “headache” and sometimes “heartache”


Also known as sleeves and strokers — or the infamous “Pocket Pussies,” male masturbators are ergonomically designed pleasure products for anyone with a penis (or someone with sensitive and magical fingers). They are ideal for those who enjoy masturbating but want to enhance their play time by using something other than their hand. 

  • Use alone.
  • Use with your partner.
  • Use with your partners.

Like most sex toys, masturbators come in a large selection of textures, styles, sizes, weights, and functionality. You’ll find a range of high and low tech options for every budget.

Note: We’re updating our online store so you may only see a few items. Come in to see our full selection, or call us at (386) 252-7399 if you’re looking for a specific product or would like a discrete consultation.


In addition to the above, you will find masturbators that are designed to look extremely realistic and resemble:

  • mouths (yes, some have soft teeth and some do not — and these styles are great if you’re looking for that deep throat feeling)
  • vulvas/vaginas (aka a pussy)
  • buttocks with anus/rectum (aka buttholes – ideal if you’re a fan of or want to give doggy-style a try)
In Store Product Image of Light and Dark Skinned Male Masturbators.


If you have a favorite color, you won’t be disappointed. Most brands offer a vast selection of male masturbators to satisfy your preferences, needs and fantasies. Flesh colors range from light skin tones to dark skin tones. If you like to watch and see what’s going on, there are also transparent masturbators available.


If you’ve been researching and trying to decide which masturbator to get, you’ve probably noticed some come with an open end and some come with a closed end.

*This is the end that is on the opposite side of the end you insert your dick/penis into.

Everyone has a preference — what they like (most and why) — so open or closed will depend on what turns you on — what your needs are at that moment.

Product Image of Anal Male Masturbators.


Because one day you might need a closed end masturbator which stops anything from coming out the opposite end. Many also find that masturbators with a closed end have more suction but require more time to clean.

Other days you or your partner(s) might want to see and feel you shoot out the other end. Or perhaps, you’d rather spend time cleaning up the space or people around you instead of having to make sure nothing is left in your sex toy.


If you were one who noticed the two E’s, it wasn’t a mistake.

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Google isn’t the poly friend either.

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That’s where EEAT comes in – an acronym that Google created that stands for experience, expertise, authority, and trust.

*If that sounds a bit like a high-end BDSM exploration, you’re not alone.

…but we’ve not been in business for over 40 years, if we were not able to please. As the best sex store and adult sexual health/wellness hub in Daytona Beach (and Central Florida), Thee Fantasy Shoppe has what you’re looking for — even Google.


E – Experience

If you’re still not convinced and would like to watch/listen to a first-hand experience, below is an exclusive video review of a non-motorized masturbator we carry at Thee Fantasy Shoppe called the Carol Pussy Sex Masturbator Sleeve.

E – Expertise

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In the near future, we’ll be sharing:

  • tips on best cleaning and storage methods for masturbators
  • new product releases by brands
  • male stroker product demonstrations for motorized (battery powered) and manual
  • questions and answers

A – Authoritativeness

Authority is such a strong word — but again — we aim to please! Thee Fantasy Shoppe has been in business as a brick and mortar store in the Daytona Beach community for over 40 years.

We often have customers come in and say; “I remember when…” or our favorite “My [insert parent, aunt, uncle, grandparent] would come here and shop.” Talk about warm and fuzzies!

*Remember: People were not always able to purchase sex toys online. Physical adult “toy” stores were the only place one could get any sex education — and Thee Fantasy Shoppe is one of those stores.

T – Trust

Again — 40 years of business is not an accident!

Have you seen our Google Reviews?

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