Restraints: Rope Ties

Learn more about Shibari and tips on using rope restraints.

“The word shibari came into common use in the West at some point in the 1990s to describe the bondage art Kinbaku. Shibari (縛り) is a Japanese word that broadly means “binding” or “tying” in most contexts, but is used in BDSM to refer to this style of decorative bondage.[2]

Shibari and Kinbaku focuses on the aesthetics and display of the body. As a result, and due to the manipulation of body parts using rope to achieve this it is common, though not always required, for models or participants to be fully naked and the art form regularly incorporates aspects of BDSM such as erotic humiliation. It may be used for restraint as well as solely being a visual.” Via Wikipedia

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